Yanmar YT359VXHI Tractor, 58.9 HP Diesel Engine, 4WD, Hydromechanical Transmission

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  • Engine HP – 58.9

  • PTO HP – 52

  • Transmission - i-HMT 3 Ranges

  • 3-Point Lift Capacity - 3,307 lbs.

  • Loader Lift Capacity - 2,500 lbs.

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List Price: $42,229.00

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Model YT359VXHI
Front Loader 72" Quick-Attach/Detach Bucket
Loader Lift Capacity 2,500 lbs (1,134 kg)
Horsepower, Engine 58.9 HP (43.9 kW)
Drive Train 4WD
Transmission 3 Range Hydrostatic
Rear PTO 52 HP (38.8 kW) Independent
Mid PTO Not Included
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
3-Point Hitch Category 1 with 3,307 lbf (1,500 kgf) Hitch Lift Capacity
Total Weight TRACTOR/LOADER/BUCKET: 5,135 lbs (2,329 kg)
Color Red

When you need a tractor for bigger and tougher jobs, look no further than the Yanmar YT359. Comfortable and easy to operate, the YT359 uses advanced electronic controls and an integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission (i-HMT). No longer do you have to choose between an efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. The i-HMT creates the standard for performance versatility.

High-Performance Drivetrain

The exclusive i-HMT design efficiently converts horsepower from a 4-cylinder diesel engine into the energy you need to run a wide range of attachments for mowing, plowing, digging, lifting and hauling. The Yanmar transmission lets you choose the right speed for every task and application.

  • Low fuel consumption due to transmission efficiency

  • Fingertip, clutch-less control of forward/reverse

  • Stop the tractor without using the clutch

  • 58.9 horsepower

Simple but Powerful

Our YT3 Series tractors are designed to make work easier for people of all skill levels. The YT359 includes an auto throttle that enables you to control engine and travel speed with the accelerator/drive pedal. This makes operating the tractor like driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission car. A/B Mode lets you preset your maximum travel speed. An anti-stall feature keeps your engine running when you dig or lift a heavy load. There’s also cruise control to keep you moving efficiently when mowing or traveling for long stretches.

Yanmar designs and builds the major components – engine, front axle, transmission and final drive – to work together. Yanmar also smoothly integrates these features and optional attachments so you can get more work done quickly:

  • Yanmar-designed front-end loader, with class-leading lift capacity of 2,500 pounds and an Industry-standard, skid-steer-style quick-attach system for buckets, forks and other attachments

  • Large LCD display integrates with controls

  • Engine surpasses U.S. Tier 4 clean air requirements

  • One-touch-on/off, electro-hydraulic, independent rear power takeoff (PTO)


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